A Weekend in Brussels – move to film

Nearly a whole year ago, myself and 2 other photographers went for a weekend away in Brussels, just for photography. It was the first trip of the kind we’d done. I took my Hasselblad 500CM and Xpan, and a lot of film!

I really enjoy using the Hasselblad for street work, although it’s from the discreet camera you would often associate with the genre. It’s big, bright and noisy! For me though, the fact that it’s so obvious I am using a camera and taking pictures, allows me to relax. I don’t feel like I’m being sneaky.

Needless to say, the xpan was used extensively. There’s something about the wide format that I’m instantly drawn too. It’s cinematic and allows for unique compositions. We had some bright spells of weather, so I would often add a red filter for the boost in contrast. 

Throughout the weekend I shot a mixture of films, including Ilford FP4, HP5 and Delta 3200. Of the three, I was surprised by how much I used the 3200, pushing and pulling various rolls depending on the time of day or whether I was shooting indoors. It was far more versatile than I expected, and the grain held up well too. 

A month or so after the trip, we put together a small zine of our favourite images from the weekend called Haddock Et Frites, and we managed to sell a few of them too.

Overall, it was a great weekend away and gave me confidence in travelling with, and shooting film, without the comfort of a digital camera. I wish I’d taken some street portraits on the trip, but I’m still building up the confidence in that area.

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