Bolehill Quarry – move to film

Bolehill Quarry is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a while, so when the opportunity arose for a morning in the Peak District, it was top of the list of places to go.

I met up with Chris Dale and Darren Ciolli-Leach, and after a slightly disappointing sunrise, we headed back down to the quarry. Even though the sun hits the quarry a bit later in the day, it was a very clear morning so the light was strong from the start.

In the couple of hours I had, I was pleased with the set of shots I came away with, especially as the light wasn’t ideal. I can see why people would return here multiple times – there’s a lot to see with endless compositions to be had, and it’s definitely somewhere I want to return to shortly.

For those of you who might be worrying about the missed opportunity of capturing the autumnal colour in full swing, there are some rolls of Ektar already at the lab being processed.

Technical Notes

All images were shot using a Mamiya RZ67 Pro ii and 110mm F2.8 lens, on Ilford PanF+ film with a yellow filter.

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